About us

Posted on: September 3, 2018

The Nagaland Medical Council (NMC) is a statutory body established in 2014 under the provision of the Nagaland Medical Council Act of 2014 enacted by the Nagaland Legislative Assembly and published in the Nagaland Gazette dated April 30th 2014, Part- V.


Powers, Duties, & Functions of the Council
  • To provide for registration of all practitioners of modern scientific system of medicine and maintain a live registry of all members.
  • To prescribe a Code of Ethics or lay down the standards of professional ethics in the practice of modern medicine and medical education.
  • Lends advice to the State Government on matters relating to the Medical Education and practice of medicine.
  • To organize seminars, symposiums and workshops to promote Continuing Medical Education (CME).
  • To receive complaints from the general public against misconduct or negligence by a medical practitioner, inquire and take decisions on the merits of the case and to initiate disciplinary actions or award compensation, and to act against frivolous
  • To provide protection to its members in discharging professional duties.
  • To ensure that no unqualified person practices modern scientific system of medicine.